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The Freshmen Village Living Learning Communities

What are Living Learning Communities (LLC)?

A Living Learning Community is where first year students with a shared interest live together in one of our residence halls. They take a shared class together and have an amazing outside-of-the-classroom experience focused around that particular theme or interest. Each community has a faculty mentor, who will instruct one of their courses each semester as well as engage with students outside of the class. These communities are all designed to support the academic success of our students, help students make friends, and ultimately graduate and become a successful member of the global community. The Living Learning Community program is an outstanding way in which the University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo is supporting the success of our newest students.

What are the benefits of joining an LLC?

campusResearch shows that students who get involved in living learning communities are more likely to:

  • Stay in college
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience

Your experience will be shaped by the community you choose, making your first year at UH Hilo memorable. In your community, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests, making it easy to make friends fast.

What communities are offered?

There are 6 Living Learning Communities being offered this upcoming year:

  • Business
  • Creative Arts
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Hawaiian Culture & Language
  • Health & Wellness
  • Natural Science- Marine Focus


Business studentsIn the Business community, you’ll learn about business careers, what career fields you are best suited for given your personal traits and skills, and have the opportunity to network with local business leaders and alumni in both on and off-campus settings. You’ll also discover that your fellow residents aren’t just some of the best friends you’ll make at UH HiloÔÇöthey’re campus leaders and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, innovators, and community leaders. The Business community is a diverse community of both motivated first-year business students, as well as any other UH Hilo freshmen interested in business.

The Faculty Mentor for the Business Community is Christine Osterwalder.
Learn more about Professor Osterwalder

Creative Arts

artist at workThe Creative Arts community is for students who are passionate about things like design, film, theater, photography, music, dance, and painting. Although you may not be an Art major, you will be part of a small and welcoming community that shares your artistic/creative interests. This community will be a great opportunity to connect with other students in a safe and friendly environment. The Creative Arts community will include activities designed to encourage and support creative interactions among students with a wide variety of majors and interests.

The UNIV 101 class will meet on a bi-monthly Saturday schedule beginning August 27 and ending December 3,2016 at the East Hawai╩╗i Cultural Center, located in downtown Hilo. Transportation from the residence halls to and from the Center will be provided by the university. The ART/PART LLC will be engaged with aspects of exhibition and performance art organization/presentation; research and development of short and long term community art and performance art project proposals.

The Faculty Mentor for the Creative Arts Community is Michael Marshall.
Learn more about Professor Marshall

Environmental Sustainability

Ag classThe Environmental Sustainability community focuses on sustainable living as a core experience of living and learning at UH Hilo. The Sustainability Living Learning Community is designed for freshmen from any major interested in the environment and sustainable living. Students in the Community are provided with theoretical and practical approaches to sustainability by integrating unique academic and field experiences based on course material with their living environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn from one another and community members by engaging in experiences and discussions related to organic food, global warming, renewable energy, food to table, and local and global sustainability issues.

The Faculty Mentor for the Environmental Sustainability Community is Norman Arancon.
Learn more about Dr. Norman Arancon.

Hawaiian Language & Culture

Students Pounding PoiThe Hawaiian Language and Culture community is for first year students who have a shared interest in learning and participating in various cultural practices. This community offers an opportunity for interested students to navigate their first year at UH Hilo while building a strong cultural foundation and connecting with others who have similar passions in this area. Participants will be able to further their use of Hawaiian language outside of the classroom through engaging activities tailored toward their interests.

The Faculty Mentor for the Hawaiian Language & Culture Community is ─Çkeamakamae Kiyuna.
Learn more about Kumu ─Çkea

Health & Wellness

healthThe Health & Wellness community is ideal for students who share a love of healthy living, outdoors, sports and recreation. It is open to all, regardless of athletic background. This community offers first year students an opportunity to pursue a wellness-focused lifestyle with others who share their passion for balancing nutrition, exercise, and activities. Living and learning with fellow first year students in an environment that promotes wellness in all aspectsÔÇôphysical, emotional, intellectual, and social. This community is open to students in all prospective majors.

The Faculty Mentor for the Health & Wellness Community is Harald Barkhoff.
Learn more about Dr. Barkhoff

Natural Science- Marine Focus

science studentsThe Natural Science community is a specially designed experience for first year students who are interested in the science fields. Although naturally attractive to students with majors in the sciences, this community is open to all with an enthusiasm for the subject. Students participating in this community will have the opportunity to actively observe, experience, and participate in the scientific process. They will share courses with other community members, fostering the formation of friendships and the building of an academic support network.

The Faculty Mentor for the Natural Science Community is Lisa Parr.
Learn more about Dr. Parr

How do I sign up?

When completing the University Housing application to live in our on campus residence halls, indicate which communities you are interested in being a part of. You can access the online Housing application by clicking on the link, University Housing application.

I have questions... Who can I contact?

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ho╩╗oleina Ioane, LLC Program Coordinator
Phone: (808) 932-7060