Proxy Borrowing

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The proxy program was established to assist University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo or Hawaiʻi Community College faculty members whose research and classroom assignments require affiliated student and researcher assistance.

There is no need to provide proxy services for RCUH employees. RCUH employees are provided either Mookini or UH Mānoa Library privileges depending upon funding source.

The program allows the faculty member to extend their library borrowing privileges (for books, DVDs, and CDs) primarily to student employees and research assistants helping them with specialized projects.

Proxy privileges are meant for a short-term basis and typically are not extended beyond one proxy period. The proxy borrower must present both the proxy card and a photo ID for all transactions and assistance.

The proxy program is not intended to allow non-affiliated, independent researchers to have Mookini Library privileges.

How to Apply for this Service

An individual proxy application is required for every proxy borrower; a proxy is non-transferable. The application process requires:

  1. the completion of the Proxy Application Form (see below)
  2. an individualized memorandum on UH letterhead explaining the nature of the proxy request

Applications take a minimum of two weeks to process from date of receipt.

Completion of a proxy application does not guarantee that the proxy borrower will be approved. Each proxy application must be approved by the Library Director or designate.

A proxy is generally good for only one semester at a time (fall, spring, or summer).

Fiscal and Security Responsibilities

The proxy borrower may borrow library materials on behalf of the faculty member under the rules for faculty use, with the proxy faculty accepting full financial responsibility (including library fines) for all transactions made by the person using the proxy card.