How To Borrow Equipment

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Equipment is located at the Circulation Desk in the Mookini Library.

Loan Period

Loan periods vary. Please call the Circulation Desk for information: (808) 932-7286.

Requirements for First-Time Borrowers

All first time borrowers must read, sign, and submit the Equipment Loan Agreement Form to the Circulation Desk at check-out (paper copy for signature available at Circulation Desk).

General Requirements for Borrowing

  • Patron must be a student, faculty, or staff member of UH Hilo or Hawaiʻi CC (not all equipment available to CC patrons).
  • Patron must be 18 years or older.
  • Patron must be in good standing with the library with no outstanding fines.
  • Only one item of each type can be checked out per library account at a time.
  • Patrons are responsible for the proper care and handling of all equipment while on loan and shall return all items in the same condition ere received. See Fees & Liabilities section.
  • Equipment will undergo inspection to document any changes before and after lending. See Fees & Liabilities section.

Handling & Storage

  • It is the responsibility of the patron to properly store the equipment while it is on loan.
  • The Circulation Desk will issue the equipment with the proper carrying case for storage. Whenever transporting the equipment, patrons need to ensure the equipment is secured in the carrying case by having the case completely zipped up.
  • Do not store the equipment in any hot environment. Do not store the equipment in a car. Keep the equipment out of the sun, rain, and heat.
  • Do not tamper with the original hardware of the equipment. Do not attempt to clean or make repairs on your own. If you have any problems with the equipment or if it has been damaged, immediately return it to the Circulation Desk so that the issue may be resolved.

Item Return

  • Please return borrowed equipment by the due date.
  • Do not use the book drop. All equipment must be returned to library staff at the Mookini Library Circulation Desk during library hours so that it can be inspected and the return can be processed.
  • The equipment will not be loaned again until library staff has verified the condition and functionality of the equipment as good.
  • If the equipment is returned with new damages or if the functionality of the equipment is compromised while on loan, a hold & associated fee will be placed on the patron’s account. See Fees & Liabilities section.

December 2020: Renew a laptop

December 2020: Renew a laptop using this Google Form. Please read the information at the top of the form carefully. If you have any questions or problems, email or call (808) 932-7286.

Fees & Liabilities

  • Overdue fines for patrons are $1 a day with a maximum of $10 before transitioning to the associated lost item fee.
  • In the event of theft, damage, or a lost item, the individual or academic unit will be charged for the full cost of the repair and/or item replacement.
Damage Level Description Associated Fee or Community Service Hours
Level 1 Minor damage to equipment that does not affect use (i.e. scratches, nicks) $0 n/a
Level 2 Minor damage that affects the use of the equipment $5 n/a
Level 3 Moderate damage that requires repair between $5-$50 $5-$50 n/a
Level 4 Major damage that requires repair costing more than $50 $50-replacement cost Community hours are at current Hawaiʻi minimum wage
Lost Item Item must be replaced Cost of item replacement Community hours are at current Hawaiʻi minimum wage