2011 LibQUAL+ Survey

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LibQUAL+ at Mookini Library

At the end of 2011, the Mookini Library conducted its first LibQUAL+ survey, which assesses user satisfaction with our services, collections, and library environment.

The Assessment Team would like to thank everyone who participated. Your opinion counts!

You told us your concerns about a number of library services:

Library hours

We heard your strong preference for longer hours of operation.

What we're doing about it: With support from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, for the 2013-14 academic year, the library began opening on Saturdays for an additional seven hours of operation. The previous year, we were able to add an additional hour of service on Friday afternoons. The additional eight hours has increased our total hours of operation by approximately 11 percent from what they were when the LibQUAL+ survey was administered.

Computer equipment and Internet access

Students expressed frustration with old and slow computers, the cumbersome log-on process, and unreliable wireless access to the Internet.

**What we're doing about it: **

  • UH Hilo's Academic Computing Service (ACS) partnered with the library and other units on campus to purchase all new PCs for student use. These PCs were installed over the summer of 2013 and are located throughout the building.
  • ACS upgraded the log-on software so that students now authenticate with their UH usernames and passwords.
  • We've hired student assistants for our Computer Lab and are increasing the number of hours they will be available to help students.
  • The upgrades to the wireless system that took place in the library in 2011 seem to have improved wireless service inside the building, but it's not always perfect. We collect information from students having trouble with wireless access in order to be able to provide ACS with the specifics they need for effective troubleshooting.
  • We have equipped a media production room ("the 'Ulu Room") on the upper level. Students are able to prepare presentations using Adobe Creative Suite software, collaborate on projects, and practice presenting their work in this space.

Quiet space for independent study

We learned from the survey that finding peace and quiet was more difficult than it should be in our library.

What we're doing about it: We have stepped up our presence in the building, especially on the upper level (our most popular quiet area). Patrols take place more often; however, we are not everywhere all the time. We ask that students let us know if a group needs to be quieted. Don't hesitate to ask us for help!

If you feel you can do so respectfully, feel free to ask others in the area to quiet down. Anyone can forget where they are momentarily, and most people refrain from talking or turn down their iPods after a polite reminder.

Books, Journals and Databases

You told us you would like more print and electronic materials.

What we're doing about it: Due to cuts to the university's budget, the library's materials funding decreased. We continue to advocate for a restoration of the library materials budget when improvements in the university's resources allow that to take place. Important as it is, however, we realize that there are many competing priorities on campus, and it may take a while before the collections are all that we would want them to be.

We are working hard to identify and acquire as much high quality content as we can with the funds available to us. In some cases, this has meant acquiring electronic content (ebooks, online journals, and streaming videos) instead of physical collections. More and more, our current material tends to arrive via the World Wide Web.

When you're looking for books, be sure to search our LibCat -- don't just browse the shelves. Over 100,000 ebooks are linked right from LibCat. If you're looking for videos, try out Films on Demand, a large collection of streaming instructional videos.

Our journal collection has been moving online for some years. Most of our journals are just a few clicks away from the library homepage. In 2013, we were able to add the Sage Premier e-journal collection: 600 high quality e-journals on a broad range of academic subjects.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of library material you can obtain anywhere there is Internet access.

See the full LibQUAL+ Report

View the full LibQUAL+ report on UH Hilo's Mookini Library (PDF).

LibQUAL+ logo The LibQUAL+ survey asks questions about a variety of library services. For each service, respondents indicate, on a scale of 1 to 9, the minimum level they would find acceptable, the desired level of service they would really want, and the level of service they perceive is actually happening. The chart below gives the results for all survey respondents combined.

LibQUAL+ Results data summary

LibQUAL+ Survey Results Fall 2011: Full Report

See the full report for the result breakdown for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, staff and library staff.