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Programs in Development

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Degree Programs In the ATP Status

Program Name College or Unit ATP Provisional Established
BS- Aeronautical Science CAFNRM April 2014 November 15, 2018
BS- Engineering
Program Proposal
CAFNRM November 2013
BS- Neuroscience
Program Proposal
CAS Spring 2015
PhD- Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science CAS May 2013

Degree Programs In Provisional Status

Program Name College or Unit ATP Provisional Established
BA- Gender and Women's Studies
Program Proposal
CAS November 2011 February 2015 Due Fall 2020
MA-Heritage Management
CAS August 2014
2017 Extension
Due Fall 2018
BA- Pharmacy Studies
Program Proposal
DKICP Spring 2011 February 2011
March 2017- Extension
Due Fall 2018 Extension approved
MS- Clinical Psychopharmacology
Program Proposal
DKICP X- Fall 2011
October 2014- Extension
Program Stop out Fall 2017
PhD- Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program Proposal
CoP X- Fall 2011 Due Fall 2018

Programs Recently Approved as Established

Program Name College or Unit ATP Provisional Established
BBA- Accounting CoBE X October 2014- Extension 03/24/2016
DNP- Doctor of Nursing Practice
Program Proposal
CAS X- Fall 2012 06/07/2018
BS- Environmental Science CAS X October 2014- Extension 04/16/2015
MAT- Teaching
Program Proposal
CAS X July 2012
October 2014- Extension
PhD- Hawaiian and Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalization KHUOK X-
October 2014- Extension

Recently Approved Certificate Programs

The list below includes Academic Subject Certificates at the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

Program Name College or Unit Approval Date by Campus
Digital Visualization and Communication CAS 2017
Unmanned Aircraft Systems CAFNRM 2017
Grad: Rural Health DKICP 2017
Energy Science CAFNRM 2016
Health Care Administration CAS 2016
Pre-Law Certificate CAS 2016
Pre-Pharmacy Certificate CAS 2016
Grad: Health Care Leadership DKICP 2016
Grad: Health Sciences Research DKICP 2016

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