Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

UH Center at Maui College to Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy

Memorandum of Understanding between UH Hilo College of Pharmacy and UH Center at UH Maui College

1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is to clearly identify the roles and responsibilities of the UH Hilo College of Pharmacy (UH Hilo CoP) and UH Center Maui (UHCM) as they relate to providing distance learning support to UH Hilo CoP faculty, students, and course delivery.

This MOU seeks to articulate the elements of a collaborative relationship between UH Hilo CoP and UHCM in support of a coherent joint effort in meeting statewide and Maui county higher educational needs.

2. Background

UHCM provides academic and technical support to UH programs extending their offerings via distance learning and outreach programming beyond the local home campus location. These support services include videoconferencing capacity.

The UH Hilo CoP identified a faculty member on the island of Maui to teach core curriculum to students located physically in Hilo, Hawaiʻi. This necessitated the UH Hilo CoP faculty member having access to a room with videoconferencing capabilities for teaching as well as other meetings/events relating to the UH Hilo CoP program.

In spring, 2010, an informal arrangement was made between UHCM and UH Hilo CoP Pharmacy for videoconferencing support at the Maui Research & Technology Center UH Distance Learning Classroom (MRTC) located in Kihei. The MRTC facility supports multiple users with distance learning programs having first scheduling priority. This informal arrangement has continued for 3 semesters.

This MOU clarifies needs for UH Hilo CoP support currently as well as going forward.

3. MOU Term

This MOU goes into effect upon signature approval by both departmental representatives and will continue in effect until terminated by one or both parties as outlined in section VII below.

4. UH Hilo College of Pharmacy Responsibilities

UH Hilo CoP shall undertake the following activities during the duration of the MOU:

  1. Class Scheduling: Flexibility is required when UH Hilo CoP schedules team teaching. No later than four (4) weeks before the start of each term, the Academic Advising Specialist in the UH Hilo CoP Office of Student Services will communication UH Hilo CoP’s videoconferencing class dates and times to the designated UHCM staff person so that UH Hilo CoP’s classes can be scheduled into the classroom reservations calendar. The UHCM designee will confirm reservation of the dates and times requested by UH Hilo CoP no later than two (2) weeks before the first UH Hilo CoP class session is scheduled to begin.

  2. Meeting Scheduling: UH Hilo CoP faculty or staff will provide UHMC a request for any UH Hilo CoP ad hoc videoconferencing meeting at least one (1) week in advance of the event with the understanding that with less than one week’s notice, requests may not be accommodated. Requests will take into consideration the multi-purpose use of the videoconferencing space and already established reservations.

  3. Training and Technical Support: Hilo-based training and technical support will be provided by the Media Design & Production Specialist from UH Hilo Instructional Technology and User Services (UH Hilo ITUS). UH Hilo ITUS will be available to work with UHCM staff for troubleshooting and a student teaching assistant will be present on the Hilo classroom side to provide support when classes are taught from Maui. As needed, UH Hilo ITUS staff will contact the UH System Information Technology Services (UH ITS) Video Operations Coordinator for assistance and troubleshooting support.

  4. Contact Information: UH Hilo CoP will provide UHCM the name and contact information for: a.) the UH Hilo CoP faculty member on Maui, b.) the UH Hilo CoP course scheduler, and c.) the UH Hilo CoP and UH Hilo ITUS videoconferencing support personnel. UH Hilo CoP will update UHCM as to changes in contact information as necessary.

5. UH Center Maui Responsibilities

UHCM shall undertake the following activities for the duration of the MOU:

  1. Class Scheduling: The MRTC video conferencing room located in Kihei will be scheduled for UH Hilo CoP classes based on space availability with the understanding that statewide distance learning programs will have priority use.

  2. Scheduling Process: All questions or communications regarding class scheduling shall include the UH Hilo CoP Academic Advising Specialist in the UH Hilo CoP Office of Student Services. If a foreseeable technical difficulty requires cancellation or relocation of a class or meeting, UHCM staff will notify both the UH Hilo CoP Academic Advising Specialist in the Office of Student Services and the Maui-based UH Hilo CoP faculty member at least 48 hours before the scheduled class/event if possible.

  3. Meeting Scheduling: The MRTC video conferencing room will be available for UH Hilo CoP meetings or events if the room is uncommitted for the requested date and time.

  4. Training and Technical Issues: Maui-based training and technical support relating to the MRTC videoconferencing room will be provided by UHCM staff assigned to MRTC (currently Patricia Diaz). UH Hilo ITUS staff (currently David Scott) will be available to work with UHCM staff for videoconferencing troubleshooting. As needed, UH Hilo ITUS will contact the UH ITS Video Operations Coordinator for assistance.

  5. Contact Information: UHCM will provide UH Hilo CoP the name and contact information of UHCM staff responsible for scheduling MRTC scheduler and UHCM staff responsible for providing MRTC technical support. UHMC will update UH Hilo CoP as to changes in contact information as necessary.

6. Long Term Solution

The UH Hilo CoP has identified the need for office space with videoconferencing capabilities closer to the Maui Memorial Medical Center Hospital. The UH Hilo CoP understands that the videoconferencing classroom at MRTC is a leased facility with limited capacity and there is no long-term guarantee of continuing access to MRTC.

  1. UHCM will explore the possibility of offering the UH Hilo CoP a shared faculty office space located in the Laulima Building on the UH Maui College Kahului campus. The intent is to assist UH Hilo CoP by providing stable, dedicated faculty office space. This office space at the Kahului campus location would address:

    • The need to hold classes in videoconferencing facilities,
    • The need for instructional space located close to the hospital,
    • The need for faculty office space to conduct office hours, and
    • The need for faculty to participate in UH Hilo CoP staff meetings via videoconferencing.
  2. The UH Hilo CoP will explore the possibility of installing a polycom system in an UHCM identified office space or another suitable room.

  3. The target for identifying UH Hilo CoP faculty office space is Fall 2012.

7. Modification and Termination

  1. This agreement may be cancelled or terminated without cause by either party by giving 90 calendar days advance written notice to the other party. The 90 day advance notice addresses the curricular need to ensure classes are not cancelled with adverse impact.

  2. Such notification shall state the effective date of termination or cancellation and include appropriate instructions for follow-up action items.

  3. All amendments to this MOU shall be in writing and agreed to and executed by the parties before becoming effective.

8. Effective Date and Signature

This MOU shall be effective upon the signatures of both UH Hilo CoP and UHCM authorized officials:

T. Karen Hanada
University of Hawaiʻi Center, Maui

Dr. Edward Fisher
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
UH Hilo College of Pharmacy

Signed March 2012

College of Pharmacy and UH Center Maui Contact Information

Maui University Center

Name: Karen Hanada
Position: Director, Maui Univ Ctr
Cell/Office: (808) 984-3527
Cell Backup: (808) 984-3525

Name: Debbie Brown
Position: MRTC: Scheduler

Name: Patricia Diaz
Position: MRTC: Technical Support MRTC

UH Hilo

Name: Anita Ciarleglio
Position: CoP: Maui Faculty
Cell/Office: (808) 276-9231
Cell Backup: (808) 242-2121

Name: Daryl Masanda
Position: CoP: Advising Specialist
Cell/Office: (808) 933-7665

Name: David Scott
Position: UH Hilo: Video Specialist
Cell/Office: (808) 974-7573
Cell Backup: (808) 933-8858

UH - Information Technology Services

Name: Royd Liu
Position: Video Operations Cood.