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Rosa Pualēʻīaloha Motta

Photo of Keaholoa Student Rosa Pualēʻīaloha Motta
Easy-going, Optimistic, Creative

Āhualoa, Hawaiʻi, HI

Fields of Study:

Career Plans:
M.A. in Anthropology

Expected Graduation Date:
Fall, 2018

I work with Hoku Pihana on a research project called Nā Waʻa Mauō. We are compiling water property data from nearshore marine environments with nearby historical land use patterns and archaeological sites to determine the health of coastlines in terms of the ʻāina-kai (land-ocen) relationship. I hope to use these findings to develop curriculum that can put coastal communities on a unified path to improved management of coastal resources.

We incorporate Hawaiian place names, history of land use, and traditional means of observation into research within Nā Waʻa Mauō.Incorporating cultural knowledge into scientific research provides an immeasurable resource because in doing so, we are validating the truths of ancient scientists. Their methods and means of documentation may not be the same as ours today, but none the less, cultural knowledge stems from the very basis of science, observation and experimentation.

My long term goal is to obtain a M.A., then obtain a position where I have the capability to change policy that reincorporates indigenous management systems, in indigenous host communities.

"Keaholoa has helped me to incorporate multiple avenues in development of data collection, research planning, and solution proposals."