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Jowell Guerreiro

Photo of Keaholoa Student Jowell Guerreiro
Outgoing, Loving, Helpful

Kailua, O'ahu, HI

Fields of Study:
Environmental Science

Career Plans:
Non-profit in Conservation and Restoration

Expected Graduation Date:
Spring, 2018

My educational interests are the conservation of native Hawaiian forests as well as restoring loko i'a (fishponds). I am doing research under Cherie Kauahi from the Marine Science Department. We are collecting makaha flow rates from Hale o Lono and Waiahole fishpond on specific moon phases.

Incorporating cultural knowledge into research allows for researchers to look deeper into the environment from both traditional and modern perspectives so that they can better understand shifts and cycles within that specific area. We incorporate cultural knowledge by using the Kaulana Mahina, ʻolelo noʻeau, and doing land-based observations (kilo).

I would love a career in Hawaii's conservation field. My dream is to start a non-profit that focuses on aina-based stewardship and the restoration of community-based fishponds around the islands.

Aside from school, I love to adventure to new places I've never been to before, go on hikes, spend time in the ocean and play volleyball.

Keaholoa allows me to take part in projects that I would normally be unaware of outside of the program. I am new to the Keaholoa STEM Scholars program, but I expect to gain ike on how to incorporate traditional Hawaiian perspectives into STEM-based projects.