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Health and Wellness Living Learning Community

health and wellness The Health & Wellness community is ideal for students who share a love of healthy living, outdoors, sports and recreation. It is open to all, regardless of athletic background. This community offers first year students an opportunity to pursue a wellness-focused lifestyle with others who share their passion for balancing nutrition, exercise, and activities. Living and learning with fellow first year students in an environment that promotes wellness in all aspects–physical, emotional, intellectual, and social. This community is open to students in all prospective majors.

Faculty Mentor

To be determined.

Student ResLife Staff

Mekaila Pasco -

UNIV 101 Course Information

CRN Day Time Location
to be determined

How to sign up for the Health & Wellness LLC:

When you fill out your application for On Campus Housing, simply indicate your interest in the Health & Wellness Living Learning Community.