University Housing

Living Learning Communities

The Living Learning Communities (LLC) program caters to incoming first year students and aims to enrich their first year experience at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The academic curriculum associated with LLCs strive to strengthen peer-to-peer connections among students with similar interests and career goals, while also providing an opportunity to work alongside a faculty member in their chosen field of interest. Our programming introduces students to practitioners in their specific interests through applied learning experiences throughout Hawaiʻi Island. These opportunities allow for students to become familiar with Hawaiʻi Island and promote a supportive community of peers.

Your experience will be shaped by the community you choose, making your first year at UH Hilo memorable. In your community, you will be surrounded by students who are passionate about your interests, making it easy to make friends fast.

Residence Halls

LLC participants will be placed in either Hale Kanilehua or Hale Kēhau according to the community that they are interested in. Access to a technology lab equipped with desktop computers and peer mentors/tutors, a shared lounge space, and community kitchen is available for all participants.

Hale Kanilehua

Hale Kanilehua

  • Hawaiian Language and Culture
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Business Entrepreneurship

Hale Kehau

Hale Kēhau

  • Natural Sciences
  • Health and Wellness
  • Creative Arts

LLC Highlights


Research shows that students who get involved in living learning communities are more likely to:

  • Stay in college
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience

Academic Support

  • Hale Kanilehua Computer lab
  • Computer Lap has 10 computers for student use. Printer, copier, fax, scanner and paper/craft supplies for projects
  • Lab open until 11pm

Applied Learning

  • LLC courses are connected with co-curricular components lead by instructors to apply concepts learned in the classroom
  • Mandatory enrollment into UNIV 101 course for all LLC participants
  • Monthly huakaʻi (trips) to explore culturally significant sites around Hawaiʻi island
  • Off campus trips focus on cultural practices, community engagement, and service learning

Shared Experience

  • Shared course with others in community
  • Connect with instructor in specific field/major
  • Live with peers who are experiencing the same triumphs and challenges
  • Small community (16-22 students), which create a cohort style group focused on networking and establishing a support system

How do I sign up?

When completing the University Housing application to live in our on campus residence halls, indicate which communities you are interested in being a part of.