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Orientation - Laulima Introduction

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Technology Requirements

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Internet Connection

Broadband Internet – Cable, DSL, & Fiber. We do not recommend dial-up, satellite, or mobile hotspot connections due to their limited bandwidth. Limited access is possible through smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices (mobile technologies not recommended for graded work).

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Important Browser Notes

  • Internet Explorer/Edge issues. Due to the customized nature of the Internet Explorer/Edge web browsers and the way they interact with Laulima, we do not recommend using it for submitting work or taking tests in Laulima at this time.
  • Web browser recommendation. The web browser we currently recommend is Mozilla Firefox . While other browsers should work with Laulima (eg. Safari), we find that Firefox is the most compatible. When updating or first using a web browser, we recommend clearing the web browser cache first.


Additional Hardware

Many classes require web conferencing so access to a webcam and microphone is recommended.

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Recommended Software Plugins

Additional “plugins” may be required to open documents and multimedia files.