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Laulima Course Homepage Template

The Homepage is the front door of your course, where you want to welcome your students and give them important information to get them started. However, it can also be changed and used throughout the semester to disseminate new information like weekly schedules, etc. Note that you can even add images, links, and videos!

To get started, copy and paste the text below to use as a template and edit the text to fit your course. After that, you can make easy and quick modifications online as needed.

Instructions: Personalize the welcome page for your course by going through the copied information and entering, changing, or deleting the information in bold found between the brackets "[ ]" then turn off any "Bold" formatting that isn’t necessary.

Important Note: Always apply proper headings to distinguish the key sections. For example, H1 for your Course Title and Semester/Year, H2’s for the subsequent sections such as Contact Information, Office Hours, etc.

[Your Course Title (# credits)]
[Semester and Year]

[Your Title and Name]

Contact Information:
Office - [Your Office Room Number]
Email - [Your Email Address] - I will return email feedback within 24-48 hours, except on weekends or holidays.
Phone - [Your Contact Phone Number(s)] Virtual Office: (Zoom link, if applicable)

Office Hours:
[If applicable, put in contact info such as this example: Mondays/Thursdays 9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm HST via phone, email, Zoom, and/or Facetime. Video conferencing must be by scheduled appointments only.]

All time references and due dates with time requirements for this course are based on Hawaii-Aleutian Standard (HST) time.

Course Description:
[This course introduces you to...]

How to Get Started/Next Steps:
To begin, in the Course Menu on the left-hand side (or from the Tools button if on a mobile device), click/tap the [enter tool name here] button.