Faculty Laulima Help

Publishing / Unpublishing

What does Publishing or Unpublishing a Site mean?

By default, sites in Laulima are Unpublished when they are first created. This gives instructors or course designers a chance to go in and edit the content of the site before it is available to students and other users.

Warning: UH System will publish all current courses automatically 1-week before class. Instructors are required to manually unpublish and publish after the system publication date.

Unpublished Site Indicator

Unpublished Site indicator message, shown prominently at the top of the workspaceThe Unpublished Site indicator appears at the top of an unpublished site, showing that it is unavailable to everyone except editors.

If you see the Unpublished Site indicator at the top of your site, that means your site is unpublished and is unavailable to students, teaching assistants, or other user roles that do not have editing permission.

If the Unpublished Site indicator does not appear, this means that your site has already been published.

Instructors always have access to both published and unpublished courses in which they are enrolled.

Use the (Publish Now) button to make your site available to all enrolled users.