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Welcome Page

The Home/Welcome page is the front door of your course where you want to welcome your students and give them important information to get them started. However, it can also be changed and used throughout the semester to disseminate new information like weekly schedules, etc. Note that you can even add images, links, and videos!

For your convenience you can add content one of two ways:

  1. Review the Laulima Home/Welcome page template. Copy and paste the content into the "Worksite Information" section of your Laulima homepage. This is done via the Options/HTML text edit box by using the "Paste from Word" icon. After that you can make easy and quick modifications there online as needed. Edit this text to fit your course.


  2. Copy and paste the text below into the "Worksite Information" section of your homepage via the Options/HTML text edit box and then edit the content there. Again, after that you can make easy and quick modifications there online as needed.

To personalize the welcome page for your course go through the information below and enter, change, or delete the information in bold found between the brackets "[ ]" then turn off any "Bold" formatting that isn’t necessary.

Welcome to [Your Course Title]
[Semester and Year]

[Your Title and Name]--UH Hilo

Office - [Your Office Number]
Email - [Your Email Address] - I will return email feedback within 24-48 hours, except on weekends or holidays.
Phone - [Your Contact Phone Number(s)]

Office Hours:
[If applicable, put in contact info such as this example: Mondays/Thursdays 9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm via phone, email, Skype, and/or Facetime. Video conferencing must be by scheduled appointments only.]

Course Preparation

To prepare for this course go through the Online Learning Readiness Check. This check will help you assess your computer system, skills, and also provide you with an online orientation in Laulima to help you be successful in an online course.

[List the tools that you use, with the tool names that you have chosen, and update the descriptions to match your course content]

  • "Syllabus and Course Schedule" is where you will find the course syllabus and schedule of assignments, exams, etc. Be sure to read each section carefully. Note that the schedule is subject to modification as the semester progresses.

  • "Announcements" are posted to the right of this welcome message.

  • "Assignments" is where you will find instructions and due dates for the assignments. This is also where you will submit these assignments, and where you can see your grade and the comments from the instructor.

  • "Forums [or Discussion and Private Messages if you prefer this tool]" is where you will participate in class discussions about issues and topics raised by the instructor and fellow students.

  • "Gradebook [or Post 'Em if you use this tool for grade delivery]" shows you (and only you!) your grades.

  • "Lessons [or Modules or Resources if you one of these tools for content delivery]" is where you will access the course content such as lecture notes, presentations, videos, readings, details of assignments, etc.

  • "Mailtool [or the email tool you have chosen]" is where you can email the instructor or individual classmates privately.

  • "Tests & Quizzes [or "Assignments, Tests and Surveys if you prefer this tool and aren't using the Lessons tool]" is where you will have access to course assessments.

Technical Assistance

If you have trouble downloading or opening Laulima materials posted by your instructor, or need to know more about a Laulima tool you can:

  • Tap on the Help link in the Course menu to the left. Try this first as many times, depending upon your problem, you may be able to find a quick answer here.

  • Email UH system Laulima Admin. and get a quick response by scrolling to the bottom of every Laulima portal page and clicking on the "Request Assistance" link. An email message form will open. Complete it giving as many details as possible and click "Submit." A confirmation email will immediately appear at the email address you provide and a response from one of the techs will follow within an hour to 24 hours.

  • Email your instructor by using the Mailtool [or the tool or name of tool you use] provided in this course. Click on "Mailtool" in the Course Menu to the left, click "Compose mail," and select "Instructor Role" in the "To" options.

  • You can also email your instructor from your regular email account [Add Your Email Address Here].

If you need assistance with a computer or software problem you can:

  • Contact the ITS Help Desk toll free at (800) 558-2669 or send an email to help@hawaii.edu.

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