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Laulima Tools Features Comparison

Features and Comparisons

Content Distribution


  • simplest, straightforward means to make course materials available
  • simply upload files, create Web links, Web pages
  • can upload multiple files at a time
  • can organize via folders
  • group-aware (access to files/folders can be limited to groups)
  • can schedule availability


  • can make materials available in the context of course content
  • organized in outline format; more recognizable structure; enables students to view course organization which may help them better understand the course strategy/direction
  • can upload files, create Web links, Web pages
  • can schedule availability


(Recommended Tool)

  • can use to present different types of content (text, images, embedded videos, links)
  • ability to link to other tools (T&Q, Forums)
  • content can be conditionally released
  • links are posted on the left-hand course menu
  • checklist

Gathering Student Work


(Recommended Tool)

  • enables instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade assignments
  • manages assignment availability and tracks submissions
  • grades can be sent to Gradebook
  • linkable from Lessons tool
  • group-aware
  • group submissions
  • peer reviews

Drop Box

  • no management functions
  • similar to Resources except designed for private exchange of files
  • works well for projects/assignments where feedback is needed on a working document/file

One-on-One Communication


  • a message composer tool
  • only sends to students’ email address (@hawaii.edu)
  • does not receive messages
  • select “Send me a copy” to receive a copy of the message (action can also be set to default in “Options”


  • similar to most email clients
  • messages are internal to the course site
  • option for copies to be sent to hawaii.edu address

Group Discussions

Discussion and Private Messages

  • threads messages linearly
  • more visual presentation
  • avatars (via internal DPM profile)
  • private messaging feature


(Recommended Tool)

  • messages threaded in outline format
  • granular permission settings
  • linkable from Lessons tool
  • avatars (via Home: Profile)
  • richer statistics


Assignments, Tests and Surveys

  • more visual
  • Special Access (allow extra time, different test period, multiple retakes for certain students)
  • tests created via question pools
  • tests can be created on the fly
  • attachments, in-line text for essay questions

Tests & Quizzes

(Recommended Tool)

  • scroll menu control interface
  • settings for higher security (isolate testing by IP address)
  • tests can be created on the fly
  • richer statistics over TTS
  • linkable from Lessons tool
  • ability to restrict test access to certain groups
  • ability to print tests
  • file-upload question type


Gradebook Classic

  • stores, calculates, presents grades (privately)
  • scores are manually entered
  • can display scores sent from certain tools: Assignments, testing tools, discussion boards)
  • capable of “weighing” grades higher/lower compared to others
  • comments
  • extra credit
  • drop lowest/highest, keep highest score (within same category)


  • same functionality as Gradebook Classic
  • simplified, condensed interface
  • Rubrics integration
  • more options for viewing/displaying scores


  • create and share grading rubrics
  • can be used in Assignments, Forums, Tests & Quizzes, and Gradebook

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