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What does Sky Garden Express serve?
Sky Garden will feature a variety of dim sum grab and go items, breakfast, and mid morning snacks.
Extended answer:
`ImiloaÔÇÖs successful Sky Garden restaurant will operate a food concession on campus serving a variety of dim sum style grab and go items (potstickers, crab rangoo, spring rolls, duck in bun, kalua pork in bun, siu mai, har gao, rice cake, and manapua); grab and go breakfast and midmorning snack items (fried rice, house fried noodle, gyro, california roll, assorted sushi, and breakfast wraps); grab and go meals (bentos, laulau, poke bowls, chirashi bowls, chicken katsu, pork adobo, Korean chicken, and teri chicken); and grab and go desserts and drinks.
Sky Garden Express Open Hours Grab and Go Lunch Snacks Location Lava Landing Breakfast Dessert Drinks
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