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E Komo Mai to the UH Hilo's Environmental Career Resources Website!

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This site was created for undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni looking for career resources in the environmental sciences. Are you an undergraduate trying to find some experience to build up your resume? Check out our Job Resources page for opportunities throughout the state and nation, or explore internship possibilities through UH Hilo! Are you a graduate student that is desperate for a little more funding? Browse through our updated Funding Opportunities page. Or if you're just exploring the idea of grad school and want more information, visit the page on Graduate School information. Having a hard time figuring out what it takes to write a resume and apply for a job and/or graduate school? We have a page on resume and personal statement writing, as well as a compilation of links to sites that will get you started.

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If you're looking for a job or an internship, visit the Job Resources page to explore organizations with opportunities in Hawaiʻi, on the mainland, and around the globe.

Be sure to check out the Profiles page to talk story with some local professionals! Find out what they do, what it took for them to get there, and why they love their job.

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