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Li Tao

Assistant Professor

Dr. Li Tao
Dr. Li Tao


  • Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California at Davis
  • M.S., Physiology, Nanjing University
  • B.S., Biochemistry, Nanjing University

Research Interests

My research is centered on the regulation of cell division. Cell division is of tremendous interest to the biomedical research community, in large part because uncontrolled cell division is the cause of several human diseases including cancer.  Mitotic cell division is the process by which identical copies of the replicated genome are segregated into two identical daughter cells. A set of proteins known as the mitotic spindle plays key role both in segregating replicated chromosomes and in cleavage furrow formation.  A focus of my research has been to use a combination of in vitro biochemistry and in vivo cell biology to understand the mechanisms driving the formation and functioning of the mitotic spindle. Read more...

Centralspindlin, a key motor complex for cytokinesis,
moves polarity-marked microtubules in vitro.

Selected Publications

Research articles


  • Chen J, Tao L, Li J, Zhu W, Yuan Y.┬á "Biochemistry Lab” (Chinese) ISBN 7-03-010989-9, 2003.