Dr. L. A. Gotshalk

Laboratory for Exercise Sciences

The Laboratory for Exercise Sciences, Rm 207 UCB, is a multi-dimensional research facility that is the home the Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences department's research operations.

This well-outfitted laboratory performs a continuing series of multi-disciplinary research investigations (see listing below), with emphasis on human physiological/anthropometric/biometric

data collection and analyses. Besides intra-departmental research projects, the laboratory has participated in inter-departmental projects (with UH Hilo's Anthropology, Biology, and Psychology departments) and inter-organizational investigations (with Penn State University, University of Connecticut, WD Hiller, Inc., Labman, Inc.)

The Laboratory of Exercise Sciences is directed by Dr. L.A. Gotshalk and is managed by supervising clinician Harold Tefft.

The laboratory is the home-ground for student volunteer and Directed Study participation. The laboratory participates in local and state-wide youth internship programs.

  • National Institute for Diabetes and Diseases of the Kidneys (NIDDK)
  • Hawaiʻi Workforce Development and Education Organization (HIWDEO) Huiana Internship Program

EMG research

EMG research 2

Dan Pollack standing next to research poster on the effects of altitude on athletic performanceDan Pollack presents research on the effects of altitude on athletic performance

If you are interested in future experience in exercise sciences research, get in touch with Dr. Gotshalk . We have several projects underway this fall, and would welcome student participation.