Dr. Cam Muir


Hands-on laboratory learning

In the most culturally diverse county in the USA, I am very lucky to teach in one of the most environmentally diverse locations on the planet in a subject area that is a function of diversity: Evolution. I believe that the richness of this environment (within and beyond the classroom) enables our students to adopt new ways of thinking, seeing, learning, and knowing.

It is my responsibility and privilege to make best use of the human, environmental, technological, and research resources that are available to offer the best opportunity possible for our combined learning. My teaching also includes Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology, and, occasionally, Biochemistry.

Hands on Learning

  • Nearby intact native forest allows us to teach in a living laboratory
  • Studying Evolutionary processes in Hawaiʻi brings the text to life
  • The islands of Hawaiʻi are ideal for studying Ecology and Evolution
  • We are able to teach state of the art genotyping tchniques in our labs

Students by a tree

Field trip particpants rest under a tree

Adults examine a plant specimen

Students on a field trip

A student climing in a tree

Biology lab scene

A table of students in a biology lab