Exchange Programs

Recommended Hawaiian Culture Classes for Exchange Students

At the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, we strongly encourage exchange students to take at least one course about Hawaiian culture, history, or language. Every semester, we provide exchange students with a current list of classes that we recommend to enrich their exchange experience and allow them to become more familiar with the indigenous culture and history that makes our island home unique. Below is a list of regularly offered classes that do not require students to receive special permission for registration. Not all of these classes are offered every semester.

See Class Availability for current classes.

See General Catalog for course descriptions

Hawaii in the Pacific
GEOG 107 Hawaiʻi in the Pacific (3)
Geology of Hawaiian Islands
GEOL 205 Geology Of Hawaiian Islands (3)
Hawaiian Language in Action
HAW 100A Hawaiian Language in Action (2)
Elementary Hawaiian  (Hawaiian Language)  
HAW 101 Elementary Hawaiian I (4)
Hawaiian Ohana
HWST 111 Hawaiian ʻOhana (3)
Indigenous Leadership Through Hula I
HWST 181A Indig Leadership thru Hula I (3)
Hawaiian Ethnobotony
HWST 211 Hawaiian Ethnobotany (3)
Hawaiian Ethnozoology
HWST 213 Hawaiian Ethnozoology (3)
History of Hawai’i
HIST 284 History of Hawaiʻi (3)
19th Century Pacific
HIST 316 19th C. Pacific (3)
Hawaiian Kingdom 
HIST 332 Hawaiian Kingdom (3)
Epidemics in Hawaiʻi
HIST 336 Epidemics in Hawaiʻi (3)
Kuleana and Community
IS 150 Kuleana & Community (3)
History and Development of Hawaiian Music
MUS 176 Hist & Dev Of Hawn Music (3)
Contemporary Island Music
MUS 195 Contemporary Island Music (3)
Pacific Worlds
PACS 108 Pacific Worlds (3)
Politics of Hawaiʻi: State and Local
POLS 337 Politic of Hawaiʻi: State/Local (3)
International Travel and Tourism Policy
TOUR 340 Interntl Travel & Tourism Plcy (3)
Introduction to Sustainable Tourism
TOUR 350 Intro to Sustainable Tourism (3)