ʻIke Wai Scholars Projects

2018-2019 ʻIke Wai Scholars Projects

UH Hilo is pleased to offer paid ($500 monthly) internships to undergraduates with interests in Data Science. As an emerging field, Data Science uses techniques and advancements in Statistics, Modeling, Computer Science, and various scientific fields to collect, analyze, and visualize large and complicated data sets.

Three Ike Wai Scholars will be expected to work an average of 40 hours per month, each with a UH Hilo research mentor. These projects range in topics from Machine Learning to 3-dimensional modeling. Project descriptions can be found below.

Please contact Dr. Bob Pelayo (robertop@hawaii.edu) for more information on the ‘Ike Wai Scholars program.

Project 1: 3D Characterization of Coral Reefs in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

Faculty Mentor: John H. R. Burns , EPSCoR Marine Science

Project Description: 1 position available

The Scholar will work to process 3D reconstructions of coral reefs from sites throughout the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. This work will involve rendering 3D models using structure-from-motion photogrammetry tools and annotating models with geospatial software. The resulting data will be used to determine how habitat complexity affects ecological processes, as well as develop machine learning tools to automate segmented classification of reef imagery. Experience with GIS, R, and photoshop is desired.

Project 2: How Can Artificial Intelligence Systems Collaborate with Humans?

Faculty Mentor: Travis Mandel , Computer Science

Project Description: 2 positions available

Although we're beginning to see data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems take on more tasks once thought to be reserved for humans, such as autonomous driving, humans still have many creative and intuitive qualities that AI systems lack. Therefore, in this project we will explore how humans can best work together with AI systems to solve difficult real-world problems in a wide variety of domains. These domains will very likely include education, psychology, and video games, and may also include other problems such as processing Hawaii Island sensor data, understanding local rainfall, and reconstructing neurons.

Apply here: Link to application