2020 ʻIke Wai Data Science Summer Research Program

Marine Science Project

Using Data Science to Identify Winners and Losers on Coral Reefs

Mentor John Burns, Marine Science

Photogrametry image of 3 rocks Project Description: Long-term monitoring of coral reefs has shown that certain species exhibit higher resilience to stressors and disturbances than others. This variability in survivorship has led scientists to investigate which coral characteristics lead to a certain species being a ‘winner’ or a ‘loser’ on a coral reef in the face of disturbance. This research experience project will use data science tools, including computer vision and statistical modeling, to determine the 3D morphological characteristics associated with coral resilience among long-term monitoring sites in the Hawaiian Archipelago.
Preferred Pre-Requisite Skills: Experience with R coding software. Ability to snorkel.

Text Analytics Project

Understanding Hawaiian Island Hydrology Using Text Analytics on Hawaiian Newspapers

Mentor: Sukhwa Hong, College of Business & Economics

Old newspaper snippet Project Description: The research project aims to increase understanding of Hawaiian island hydrology through text analytics to provide valuable insights to decision-makers. This project addresses the challenges of supplying sustainable freshwater, dealing with climate variability and increasing population demands, and water contamination. The project involves a sequence of activities such as transcribing Hawaiian articles using optical character recognition (OCR), translating Hawaiian documents using machine translation, and analyzing them using text analytics tools to extract meaningful information for decision-making.

Preferred Pre-Requisite Skills: Experience with any programming language, preferably Python.

Requirements for the 2020 ʻIke Wai Online Summer Research Program

  • Program available to continuing UH Hilo students (must be enrolled full-time for Fall 2020)
  • Interest in working with working with data (e.g., data science) as an undergraduate at UH Hilo
  • Remote Availability during July 20 - August 21


What do students get?

  • Summer experience introducing them to data science
  • $2,500 stipend
  • A valuable research experience in Data Science
  • Mentoring from a UH Hilo Data Science professor
  • All fees paid for courses, etc. This program is no cost to accepted students.

What will students do during the ʻIke Wai bridge program?

  • Have an introduction to data science experience, learn basic programming and data science techniques in a course taught by UH Hilo Professors
  • Work on mini data science projects
  • Learn about data science academic and career opportunities at UH Hilo related to Data Science

Application Information

Deadline May 11th, 2020 11:59 pm HST

2020 ʻIke Wai Data Science Summer Research Program

2020 ʻIke Wai Data Science Summer Research Program Application

Ike Wai Summer Bridge 2020 Flyer

Questions? Please contact Bob Pelayo at robertop@hawaii.edu