ʻIke Wai Research Experience in Data Science 2019

The application period for the ʻIke Wai Research Experience has ended. Thank you for your interest in the Research Experience program! Please contact Roberto Pelayo if you have any questions.

Summer Research Experience Flier (PDF)

2019 ʻIke Wai Summer Research Experience in Data Science Application

A Second Pair of Eyes: Digital Image Analysis of Hawaiian Coral Reefs

Students Can Apply for TWO SPECIAL PROGRAMS

This project will be split up into 2 parts:

  • Wet Program (Part 1): May 30 – June 7; Students will conduct field surveys to characterize coral health and community structure using SCUBA and/or snorkel techniques with vessel support.
  • Dry Program (Part 2): July 1 – August 2; Using the data collected in the Wet Program, students will use machine learning and computer vision to automatically identify coral species and health problems from raw diving imagery.

Requirements for ʻIke Wai Research Experience

  • Current UH Hilo or UH Hilo bound student
  • An Introductory Statistics Course (e.g., MARE 250, MATH 271, or CS 272)

Additional requirements

Wet Program (Part 1):

  • Availability: ay 30 – June 7
  • Completion of MARE 140 and MARE 171

Dry Program (Part 2):

  • Availability: July 1 – August 2
  • Basic Programming Knowledge (Python, C++, or R)


Students could participate in the following 3 ways:

  • Wet Phase only (Part 1) = $500
  • Dry Phase only (Part 2) = $2000
  • Wet and Dry Phases (Parts 1 & 2) = $3000

Final Application Deadline: Friday April 12, 2019, 12:00 PM

Questions? Please contact Bob Pelayo at robertop@hawaii.edu