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University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

'Ike Wai Research Experience in Data Science 2018

2019 'Ike Wai Data Science Summer Research Program - INFO COMING SOON!

A Second Pair of Eyes: Digital Image Analysis of Hawaiian Coral Reefs

This project will be split up into 2 parts: Wet Phase and Dry Phase

  1. Wet Phase: In Situ Characterization of Hawaiian Coral Reefs
  2. Dry Phase: Data Processing, Analysis, and Machine Learning

Project details: Coming soon!

Requirements for ʻIke Wai Research Experience:

  • Current UH Hilo or UH Hilo bound student
  • Prior experience with programming and/or experience in psychology and/or education
  • Prior experience with statistics
  • Interest in Data Science research
  • Availability during May 30 - June 7 (Wet) and/or July 1 - Aug 2 (Dry)

What do students get?

  • A focused introduction to data science techniques to be used in research projects
  • A 5-week research experience under the guidance of UH Hilo Professors
  • Stipends:
    • Wet Phase only = $500
    • Dry Phase only = $2000
    • Wet and Dry Phases = $3000

Final Application Deadline: 5:00 PM, Thursday April 19, 2018

Questions? Please contact Bob Pelayo at robertop@hawaii.edu