Recruitment Enrollment Admissions Principles

During its March 3, 2010, members of the UH Hilo Enrollment Management Implementation Team (EMIT) identified a list of nine guiding principles, or values, that we believe should inform our enrollment management efforts, regardless of the proportion of resident versus non‐resident students that we seek to enroll. These are:

  1. Ensure access to any qualified Hawaiʻi resident student who applies and wishes to attend UH Hilo;
  2. Actively strive, through model educational practices, to retain the students who matriculate at UH Hilo and assist them with timely achievement of their academic goals;
  3. Maximize the likelihood that the students whom we enroll are a “match” in terms of their interests/lifestyle/expectations/aspirations/etc., with what we offer here at UH Hilo and on Hawaiʻi Island;
  4. Maintain our status as a Native Hawaiian serving‐institution as defined by Department of Education and other applicable entities, maintaining at least 20% Native Hawaiian enrollment and affirmatively striving to achieve a Native Hawaiian enrollment that mirrors the Native Hawaiian population in the State of Hawaiʻi;
  5. Maintain our status as an underrepresented minority‐serving institution as defined by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and other extramural grant funding agencies;
  6. Maintain our status as an Asian American, Native American & Pacific Islander‐Serving Institution (AANAPISI) as defined by Department of Education and other applicable entities;
  7. Work purposefully to build and sustain an effective pipeline of aptly prepared undergraduate students to UH Hilo from UH System community colleges and foster a seamless transfer process, with a special emphasis on Hawaiʻi Community College;
  8. Use the WUE tuition‐discount more strategically to minimize excess capacity in baccalaureate‐level academic majors and to ensure access to a diverse range of academic majors for our resident students, as well as develop processes to better track WUE students; and
  9. Leverage National Student Exchange, Global Exchange, and other similar exchange programs in a manner that intentionally creates meaningful learning experiences for UH Hilo students and increases their capacity to work and lead in an increasingly global and multicultural society, especially targeting Hawaiʻi residents, while maintaining access to programs/services/amenities for our degree‐seeking students.

Drafted 3.4.10 by L. Hong based on EMIT meeting discussion
Updated 3.15.10 & 3.30.10 by L. Hong based on feedback from Hanakahi Council & EMIT
Final draft prepared 4.2.10 by L. Hong; Affirmed via memo by Chancellor Rose Tseng 4.13.10 (on file)