About the UH Hilo Diving Safety Program

Unit Diving Coordinator: Clint Collins
Office: Wentworth Hall Room 2
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday
Phone: (808) 932-7576

Supervisor: Ken Ikeda , UH Hilo EHSO Director, in coordination with UH Diving Safety Program at UH M─ünoa
Unit: Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs, Kalei Rapoza

The UH Hilo Unit Diving Coordinator (UDC), housed under the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs unit, reports to the office of Environmental Health and Safety. As an extension of the UH Diving Safety Program at M─ünoa , an organizational member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, the UDC is responsible for ensuring that scientific diving at UH Hilo is conducted in compliance with the UH Diving Safety Manual. As the number of marine research grants and programs utilizing diving to observe, collect and analyze field data has increased, so has the number of Scientific Divers. The UDC provides diver training and oversight in support of such programs. The UDC also oversees complex dive operations, maintains records and equipment in accordance with UH Diving Safety Program requirements, and assists faculty and students with development of research proposals and dive plans.

We are proud to offer a Scientific Diver Qualification Course (SDQC). The SDQC is designed to meet the University of HawaiÔÇÖi and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) knowledge and skill requirements for authorization as a Scientific Diver. Successful completion will also result in certification in CPR, Oxygen Administration, & First Aid For Professional Divers; Master Diver; SCUBA Diver Rescue; and Nitrox Diver.