Diving Safety Program

UH Hilo Diving Safety Program Support Services

Please contact Michael Pamatat for an accessible version of these rates.

2021 Rates for Training, Rentals, & Services

Dive Equipment Rental

Equipment (Per Day) UH Non-UH
SCUBA Cylinder, Air $5 $10
SCUBA Cylinder, Nitrox $15 $30
SCUBA BC/Regulator/Computer Package $10 $20
1st Aid/Oxygen/AED Package $10 $20

Other custom equipment rentals available upon request.

Dive Equipment Service

Service Per set
Diving Equipment Service (Regulators, BCD, Computer) $120

Other services available upon request.

Dive Support Services

Tables Per Day
Dive Supervisor/Trainer $350
Safety/Support Diver $150

Other dive support services available upon request.

Dive Training Courses (per Course cost)

Course UH Non-UH
UH Scientific Diver Qualification Course - Summer $700 $1400
Diving First Aid for Professional Divers (DAN DFA Pro) $60 $120
CPR for Healthcare Providers (DAN CPR:HCP) $40 $80

Other custom courses available upon request.


Requisition required prior to receipt of services.
Payment 30 days net afte receipt of services.

PO or JV Payable to

The Research Corportation of the University of Hawaiʻi

Requisitions / PO to be sent to

UH Hilo Diving Safety Program
Attn: Michael Pamatat, Unit Dive Coordinator
200 W. Kawili St. Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 932-7576

Program Invoice No.
To be provided.