UH Hilo Committee for Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Evaluation Rubric for Diversity Proposals

Item Score 3 Score 2 Score 1
Project Summary States the project objectives and all planning requirements; e.g. procedures, resources, etc. The desired outcome of the project is clearly stated and explained. States the procedures involved in carrying out this project.
Project Impact
(All proposals must also state how a project will meet UH Hilo or UH System Strategic Plan goals)
Widespread relevance on campus with potential of broader applications. Applies to multiple departments, units or staff organizations. Applies or affects one department, unit | or staff organization.
Proposed Budget and Cost Effectiveness Budget proposal is comprehensive and with sufficient proof of its feasibility and cost effectiveness. Budget is clearly written and explains all expenses in a precise and realistic manner. Unclear on expenditure requirements.
Marketing Plan Narrative has an attainable plan with milestone dates and resourcing for achieving maximum participation of the program’s target population. Narrative has an ambitious, yet attainable plan to strive for maximum participation of the program’s target population. Unexplained aspects that raises questions on the viability of achieving maximum participation of the target population.
Project Evaluation Plan A post-event report will contain analysis and discussion of how objectives were or were not achieved, and recommendations for the success of similar projects in the future. A post-event report will contain facts and analysis of the project. Preparation of required post-event report with facts only.