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The left side Tool Menu is only showing icons and not the tool names.

The Tool Menu can be expanded and collapsed by clicking/tapping on the double arrows at the bottom of the menu area. When the menu is collapsed, the menu links are represented by their associated icons. For more information, view the Laulima Tool Menu Help file.

The left side Tool Menu is not visible on my smartphone or tablet. How do I navigate the site?

On mobile devices, the left side Course Menu has been replaced by the button called "Tools" at the top of the screen:

Laulima 'Tools' button on a mobile device

  • Once you tap on the Tools button, a screen will appear showing buttons for all the tools used in the course that they can use for navigation:

List of a course site’s tools in Laulima on a mobile device

What do I need to do to log in to a campus computer?

Your PC account is now your name@hawaii.edu email account.

Your PC user's account is your ticket to access the PCs located across campus in the various Open Labs, Teaching Labs, Multimedia Classrooms and Student Resource Centers.

Where can I get more information about WiFi access on campus?

You can check out UH Hiloʻs Connecting to Campus WiFi webpage for this and other helpful information.

More FAQs

View Laulima Student FAQs on the University of Hawaiʻi website.

Updated 01/18/24