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Course Design and Development

Looking for some great Professional Development opportunities to continue with, or get you started on, your online course development? Visit the Faculty DL Professional Development Opportunities webpage!

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Design Your Course in Nine Steps!

  1. Contact Cindy Yamaguchi (cynthiae@hawaii.edu) for hybrid and Distance Learning course design support.

  2. Review Best Practices for Teaching Online Courses to get valuable guidance on the development of overall course organization, syllabi, learning objectives, student engagement, and assessments.

  3. Review the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Review Rubric (download this form fillable Word (.docx) file). To get started visit our UH Hilo Quality Online Course Certification program information.

  4. Login to Laulima and choose the course's tab.

  5. To get a jumpstart on your course design and development, contact Cindy Yamaguchi (cynthiae@hawaii.edu)to have one of the UH Hilo course templates imported into your course shell. The following show the templates that are available:

  6. Develop and upload a Syllabus that includes contact and office hours information, course attendance and expectations, university policy and service statements, technical assistance information, and a course schedule.

    • This Syllabus Template (Google Doc version) (Word Doc version) will provide a good foundation with helpful sample text that you can modify for use in your course. It includes the above referenced syllabus information, plus course completion requirements and a course schedule you can fill in.
    • Link to this Support Available to Students document. This document is maintained by the stakeholders and includes statements on:

      • Computer Support
      • Academic Advising
      • Academic Integrity
      • Academic Success
      • Basic Needs
      • Campus and Community Resources
      • Disability Services
      • Mental Health/Suicide Prevention
      • Student Conduct
      • Students of Concern
      • Title IX
    • Provide a Netiquette statement that states rules for behaving properly online by using this Sample Netiquette Text.

  7. Add a Welcome page, referred to as "Overview," to your Laulma course site to provide students with important information.

    • If you are using the UH Hilo course template (see step 5 above), an Overview is provided for you that you can update with your information.
    • If you have chosen not to use the UH Hilo course template, here is an Overview template. It will provide a good foundation with helpful sample text that you can modify and add to your course.
  8. Find tutorial videos and guides for course content delivery, communication, assignments, exams, and more.

  9. Two weeks prior to the semester send out an email to students with important information about your course:

  10. Using the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Review Rubric (download this form fillable Word (.docx) file), complete a self-review of your online course, then contact Cindy Yamaguchi , to complete the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Design Certification process.

For more assistance:

Laulima Fix-its and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Access helpful solutions and FAQ's from your peers - Send Cindy Yamaguchi your questions and solutions.
    • Communications - Includes giving students access to Discussions on a specific date or time.
    • Grading - Covers how to fix Gradebook so dashes don't make student grades higher.
    • Narrating Presentations - Includes advice on tools to deliver your presentations online.
    • Syllabus - Covers how to get your online students to read your Syllabus.
    • Testing - Includes how to set an exam for just one student.
    • More Laulima FAQs

Updated 10/27/22