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Faculty Information: Summer 2018

Summer Course Proposals are due on Wednesday January 10, 2018.


General Information

Cancellation Dates for Low Enrolled Courses

Minimum Enrollment is 10 students (except for Guaranteed Courses)

  • Session I cutoff: May 5th
  • Session II cutoff: June 2nd

Deadline for Entering Final Grades

Due by 12:00 noon on the Monday following the last day of class.

Final Exam

A special final exam period is not scheduled. Extra time is built into the schedule for the final exam; final exams are typically scheduled on the last day of the summer session.

Course Evaluations

Face-to-Face Courses
Paper Evaluations will be sent to your College/Division/Depart mailboxes. Instructions will be attached to outside of the envelope. The process is the same as during the Fall & Spring Semester.
Online Courses
Instructions will be sent to students by the Institutional Research Office the DL Coordinator will notify instructors when this occurs. To log in to evaluation forms online, students will need to enter the five (5) digit course CRN and their own eight (8) digit student ID numbers.

Salary Schedule

Rates are in accordance with the UHPA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Rank Rate per Credit Hour
Instructor, Rank 2 $1,612
Assistant Professor, Rank 3 $1,860
Associate Professor, Rank 4 $2,023
Professor, Rank 5 $2,269
Lecturer, Step A $1,525
Lecturer, Step B $1,833
Lecturer, Step C $2,140

Instructor Salary Schedule

Personnel Paperwork

Faculty: Paperwork will be routed through your respective Dean’s Office.

Lecturers: Hiring packets will be mailed to the address provided.

Courses may be subject to cancellation if all personnel paperwork is not received by CCECS by the deadline.

Paycheck Disbursement

According to the University of Hawai╩╗i Systemwide Administrative Procedures Manual, payroll payments are paid at the end of the payroll period following the payroll period in which compensation was earned, i.e., one pay period in arrears, plus the five-day lag.

Session I: May 21-June 15, 2018

Period Ending Pay Date
May 31st June 20th
June 15th July 5th
June 30th July 20th

Session I Payment Schedule

Session II: June 18-July 27, 2018

Period Ending Pay Date
June 30th July 20th
July 15th August 3rd
July 31st August 20th

Session II Payment Schedule

Special Session

Varies (contact CCECS Office for disbursement dates)

Marketing Materials Summer 2018

Individual Class Flyer Template (Word)

Department Flyers:

Animal Science Anthropology Biology Chemistry CoBE Communication Education English History Kinesiology & Exercise Science Language & Culture Linguistics Marine Science Mathematics Philosophy Physics & Astronomy Political Science Psychology Sociology Women's Studies