Students weeding invasive grasses

The UH Hilo Sociology Club is a Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) open to all students of any major!

The Club holds regular events and prioritizes helping out the society it is are a part of. This includes beautification projects, like painting park pavilions and bus stops, cleaning up public areas that have been left to the overgrowth of nature, highway and beach clean up projects, as well as fundraisers and events with local organizations who service those in need. In addition, the Sociology Club creates spaces for students to socialize, get off of campus, and explore the island. Star gazing on Mauna Kea, beach days in Kona, and attending local events are common outings. All activities emphasize understanding and integrity, and with this attitude the Club remains responsive to what society is today while advancing awareness of the unique ability that th diverse, one-of-a-kind local community of the Big Island has to empower those in need.

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Sociology Club members exploring the island For further information about the UH Hilo Sociology Club or to become a member, contact the Club faculty advisor, Alton Okinaka , or go to the Club's Instagram page @socclubhilo, where contacts and current events are regularly updated.

All are welcome!