RN to BSN Academic Planning


  1. Make certain you are working on the general education requirements and the prerequisite requirements for entry to the Nursing Program. Acquire the pre-requisite requirements for the BSN program and course equivalencies throughout the UH system. Please refer to the aplicable checklist when planning your courses based on your year of admission into the UH system.
  2. If you have received an Associate of Arts or Bachelor of Arts from an accredited institution, you may be waived for the general education requirements. However, some specific lower division courses such as Anthropology 100, and Communications 151 are required for all students by the UH Hilo School of Nursing.
  3. Admission application forms are available from the UH Hilo Admissions Office. You must fill out a UH Hilo admission application form, with a fee to send to UH Hilo Admissions by the deadline indicated. You must choose pre-nursing in the section for the major. For online applicants, indicate in the comment section: “DL pre-nursing”. The DL letters are critical for UH Hilo to identify you as being an online student. It would be wise to contact an admissions counselor at uhhadm@hawaii.edu or the School of Nursing.
  4. Request all official transcripts to be sent to UH Hilo Admissions Office at 200 W Kawili St., Hilo, HI 96720. Your transcripts will be evaluated only after UH Hilo receives your admission application.  If you have a foreign diploma or transcript, be warned that the evaluation process might take a longer time.
  5. Seek out Community College counselors for completing general education requirements that are offered locally or online by CCs under the specific campus’ website or check for online courses.
  6. Contact the School of Nursing for advice or information on nursing courses and the RN to BSN program. Also look at the UH Hilo Nursing websites.
  7. Obtain a UH Hilo RN to BSN Admission Application from the nursing website. (This is a separate application from the UH Hilo Admissions Application.) .

Starting the program/registering for courses

  1. For username and UH account with UH email, go to: www.hawaii.edu/username to set up your MyUH Services account and also to apply for a hawaii.edu account. The UH email accounts have a much larger capacity for mail and allow you to receive and send large documents. You must have a hawaii.edu account to conduct business with UH as a student and this hawaii.edu account is the only account used by the nursing department to communicate with nursing students.
  2. Make sure that you are able to take online courses in the Laulima course management system by checking Internet connections, familiarizing yourself with Laulima operations, and getting help on Laulima use. Once you are registered into a course, you will automatically be placed into the course Laulima account and can access the course using your account on MyUH Services. Use the Laulima 'Help' link to search for help using Laulima. Submit a specific question or request to this 'Help' site and a UH technician will respond and help you. Be sure to contact your professor by phone or by email if you are absolutely unable to get into your Laulima course account.
  3. Buy your books from the UH Hilo Bookstore. Search for them by campus: UH H, course number and section, and instructor name. All books have been ordered for the term in advance and are usually the cheapest of all online bookstores.
  4. Correspond with the School of Nursing and instructors during your program of study. Notify them of adding/dropping courses if you need additional advice or assistance. If you do not keep contact with the DL faculty and staff, no one will be informed of your problems. It is of utmost importance to maintain contact with everyone involved.

If you have any questions, please contact the Nursing Department Office at (808) 932-7067.

Revised: 5/03/2019