Laboratory for Therapeutic Sciences

Abby Wade gets blood drawn

The Laboratory for Therapeutic Sciences is the home base for research by the Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences (KES) Department. The laboratory, formerly named the Laboratory for Exercise Sciences, is a well-equipped facility for anthropometric and biometric data collection, along with performance analyses equipment. The laboratory is outfitted with a Max II Metabolic Cart, a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometer (DEXA), an Air Plethysmograph (BodPod), a phlebotomy station, a Cybex Multi-Joint Isokinetic instrument, a Biopac EMG/EKG instrument and much more.

Much interdepartmental research is conducted in the laboratory. The School of Nursing, the Department of Psychology, the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Biology have all participated in cooperative research with KES in the Laboratory for Therapeutic Sciences.

VO2 measurement with Baily Rodriguez and Henry Blake

The laboratory is directed by Dr. L. A. Gotshalk , CSCS, RT(BD), CPT. As a certified radiological technician and phlebotomist, Dr. Gotshalk has the ability to collect anthropometric and biometric data useful in the analysis of the results of exercise intervention as a tool for the promotion of health and well-being in many subject groups, including Hawaiian children, Honolulu Police Department, aged men and women, cancer recovery subjects, and most of the UH Hilo athletic teams. Every semester, interested KES students who are in the Directed Studies program or are qualified volunteers represent the driving force and energy of the Laboratory for Therapeutic Sciences.