About the KES Program

Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences is one of the fastest-growing, vibrant programs at UH Hilo. Since its approval as a major in 2006, the program has grown from under 100 students to almost 250 students. The KES program provides students with a diverse range of high quality instruction and opportunities within the areas of health, physical education, recreation, and the exercise sciences. The vision of the Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences department is shaped and designed by our students’ interests and needs.

Taping for dance The purpose of the major is to introduce the students to the many related areas of study, including kinesiology (human movement from many different perspectives), exercise physiology, exercise nutrition, sports psychology, motor learning and development, community health and health promotion, athletic training, personal fitness, strength and conditioning, anatomy and physiology, physical education, biomechanics, and physical therapy/medicine.

Incorporated into the vision of the department is the development of tracks or emphases of study. As the department expands, the department remains cognizant of the overlying concern of its students: preparation for post-graduate success, whether that entails immediate employment, achieving certification/licensing, or attending graduate school. The three tracks or emphases of study are as follows:

Program Requirements