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Toxie Polyn-Angikimama‘o

White River, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Toxie Polyn-Angikimama‘o

Very artistic naturally from pencil drawing, painting, cartoonist, wood sculpturist, recording, song writing and compositions, musician and performer. Thus I am equally venturing into poetry to portray basically what my mind can compile as quick as I can. A song winner of the South Pacific International Song Contest in Sydney in 1998. Now it becomes an important part of my artistic talent to display such influences of the environment I'm brought up in. 12 years musician now beginning with an interest in writing for the past two. I would like my writings to be read by both the Pacific readers and the metropolitan world in general.

Excerpt from Making Waves


How deep is this water that one fails to dive deep enough?
How bloody good is this class,
that one could not even pass by half?
Poetry, Poetic, poemic, comic, pathetic.
How many names must one remember?
Must master, masterest William Shakespearean beachcomber?
No one can have these mangoes till I share them.
Not even him.
I will come back to relearn about them.
Poetry, Poetic, poemic, comic, pathetic.
But who is going to learn about me?
Not him.

One Wonders

One only blames the self, since choosing that road,
Quite bare it is.
Long and straight,
Those highways to England one had never taken,
Even when at those days they were calling him.
But one could only see a few meters away and that’s it.
Bye P.
Bye Lipper.
Those wealth and riches one can ignore,
That love and kisses are regretted, regrettably.
Now in this voyage roaming around USP campus,
And pretend nothing serious has happen in the recent past.
But he's happy cyber-surfing the net
Where he sits in his aloneness, an aging single poet
With carrot eyes staring at frozen England Mountain,
So white one relatively remembers Robert Frost
'that road'
'the road not taken'
One wonders.