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Mona K. Livsey

Mona K. Livsey

Aloha, my name is Mona Kaualoku Livsey. I am a 40 year old non-traditional student, whose current goal is to graduate with a B.A. in Psychology in the near future. I am a single mother of mixed heritage. My mother, a former "Kodak Hula Dancer," is of Polynesian, Caucasian mix, while my father, a Retired Naval veteran, is a mixture of Anglo Saxon, American Indian and European lineages—thirteen ethnic bloodlines total.

Born in Florida, I now reside in the beautiful rainy town of Hilo. I began my writing when I was nine years old. I enjoy writing poetry that expresses me, who I am, what I am, and where I come from—physically, spiritually, emotionally and metaphysically. In the past I have written poetry as well as a few short tales; I have many a binder full of writings that cover everything from adolescent curiosity to first love, to the wonder of motherhood and life. I find that at times the best way to figure out a problem at hand is to sit down and write.

I hope to continue my writings for the rest of my life; it is an outlet for me when I am stressed or have no other way to expand on or express what I am feeling. I share my love of writing with my son Michael, a senior at Waiākea High School. Michael has written much in the way of poetry and song lyrics; he has already started writing novels. We hope to one day publish many of our writings, together and/or separately, whether it is poetry, short stories, fantasy, or even research.

Excerpt from Making Waves

Fire & Ice

In honor of Maunakea, the tallest mountain on the Island of Hawaiʻi.

The cold embrace of winter is upon Hawaiʻi
The light reflects off virgin snowfall
Powdery crystals shimmer against the naked earth.

Silverswords lifting their regal heads
Glistening and reflecting the sun's glow
Unwavering in the distant cold.

The crimson glow of passions emerge
Ice surrendering to the heat
As fierce flames engulf.

Twisting, twirling, twining
Reaching her fiery arms skyward
Pele embraces the heavens in her fervor.

The melted snow evaporating in the wake
The blackened earth, bleak and barren
The scarred remains of life's innuendos.

Slowly, sinuously, creeping and crawling
Amongst the grit and ash
A glimmer of life emerges.

The liko thrusts through the rich soil
Clinging sensuously to the rocks
The liko lehua plunges her way to the surface.

Succulent, moist, fruitful
From within the snow swathed ground
Wai‘au emerges.

Striking and sacred
Beautiful and blessed
The chain of life entwines.

Photo of evaporating snow

Photo of a liko plant