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Mohit Prasad

Sigatoka, Fiji Islands

Mohit Prasad

Mohit Prasad writes poetry, and teaches creative writing and Pacific literature at the University of the South Pacific. His research interests are in popular culture and diaspora studies. His thesis on Indo-Fijian identity and popular culture is presently under examination at the University of Western Sydney. Among his published works are two volumes of poetry, Eyes of the Mask and Eating Mangoes, as well as A History of Soccer in Fiji. Publishing options are being considered for three volumes of poetry and a collection of short fiction, among his present works. He is excited about soccer, his beloved Nadroga team in Fiji, Liverpool in England, and the playing fortunes of Fiji's Vijay Singh, which he badly emulates in his own attempts at golf.

Excerpt from Making Waves

Making Water

For the Students of LL331 (USP) and ENG 399 (UH Hilo), 2005.

Making liquor from water distilled terse
The pattering trot of dripped sublimation
Memory attempts ruse of history in verse

Satraps gather around chalice of a nation
A cracked knuckle ripcords of egg stone
Buoyant a banker reports that the mother
Of all ledgers balances their not his own
Pearl tips of secretary titters into smother

A bearded Marxist in town on sabbatical
Appears prophetic one moment of clarity
Pure a drop of an aqueous piped musical
Shandy drinks of choice in verandah city

Let's go billboard echoes through a night
Lit by arc of cheap wattage of bright idea
Noddy in ugh boot chases imprint of light
Misses completely villains in dark corner.