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Laura Mika Tsunehiro

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

Laura Mika Tsunehiro

Laura Mika Tsunehiro, or Mika as she prefers, was born and raised in Hilo, on the eastern side of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. She has lived in Hilo all her life except for the one year she spent in Hiroshima, Japan. While in Hiroshima she reconnected with her heritage and discovered the many different faces of her colorful disposition. She also uncovered the roots of her eclectic fashion sense. As far back as she can remember Mika has dreamed of being a pirate queen. She feels it was destiny to have walked the castle grounds of her hero, Ireland's pirate queen, Grace O'Malley. Mika collects snowmen and an odd assortment of Band-Aid brand bandages.

She enjoys most styles of music from all corners of the globe but prefers artists with knowledge to share. When Mika listens to music she desires to have her mind expanded and her soul moved. Her pet peeves are tailgaters and those who allow worthless music to choke society for fame and money. During this chapter in Mika's life, the major influences on her poetry are the Romantic poets and her passion for nature… and her ducky. She loves her parents and miniature fluffy cloud puppy named Ziggy. Mika hopes that one day humans will live in harmony with one another and Mother Earth. However, she knows humanity is not faultless and does not expect it to be. If she can get someone to stop and watch the sunset then her mission has been accomplished.

Excerpt from Making Waves


Breakwall photo

A long black wall
Built to block evil out,
In doing so, it keeps dreams in
Drowns them in the listless waters
Of a once sapphire bay;
Whose shore cries
In restless stagnation
Anticipating its future fade.

The wall remembers,
Sounds of a child's laughter,
As she walked across
Its firm rocky face;
She threw out her line
But reaped no reward,
As the fish disappeared
Into the wall's shadowy deep.

The child has grown too old
To venture on such faces;
And all the fish have faded
Into the memories of the bay;
But the flow of time eludes the wall
As it will remain forever fixed,
Among the sunken skeletons,
Of deserted dreams and liquidated fish.