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Jeffrey J. Jacklick

Marshall Islands & Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia

Jeffrey J. Jacklick

Jeffrey Jim Jacklick is now attending University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo as a Psychology major. He was born in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands and brought to Kosrae, where he was raised. Jeffrey started reading poems when he was in the seventh grade and that was when he started to become interested in creative writing. He actually started writing his first poems in college and he helped out in publishing a book of poems and short stories back in the Marshall Islands at the College of the Marshall Islands.

This is Jeffrey's first poem that got him interested in writing poetry.

Tons of Vanilla and Chocolate galore.
Piles of peanuts and cherries and more.
A river of caramel surrounded by brownies.
Candies falling down from strawberry clouds.
Hills made of ice-cream and butter-scotch surroundings.

This is a dream I wish would come true
But if so I'd weigh one thousand and two.

Jeffrey Jim Jacklick has always believed that writing poems is just another way of expressing feelings and thoughts. Whatever is imagined and hard to say can be said somehow.

Excerpt from Making Waves

Yokwe Kom

Photo of Makaha Beach

Come together and let us all bid yokwe and give love
              to each and all.
In the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.
Let us all bid yokwe to each other.
Good bye.

Greetings to each and everyone.
Yokwe kom everyone.
Yokwe to new faces.
Yokwe to old faces.
Yokwe to those who will be missed.
Yokwe to those who are leaving.
Celebrate within the heart to bid yokwe to everyone.

Give out love.
Show the greatest generosity.
Smile the truest smiles.
Just simply bid welcome and say,
"Yokwe kom."

War Dance

Swing that weapon and thrust it
Straight into the uncivilized heart.
Stay alive and stay alert.
Never get yourself wounded and never die.
              Tug! To the left! To the right! Swing!
              Stab 'em all, into all them uncivilized hearts.
Listen to the chant, fight with the rhythm.
Stump those feet harder and faster.
Let your heart quake with joy and courage and never let fear interfere.

Don't blink because to blink is to die.
Call out your enemies whom you look into the eyes
And all you can see is death and hatred.
Bare that face of anger and embrace
Your heart with happiness and pride.

Dance in the battlefield to win the war.
Dance with that weapon.
Dance with courage and strength in the mud,
Under the rain, at night, and with pride for victory.