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Jason Michael Foxworthy & Lori Beth Griffin

Jason Michael Foxworthy and Lori Beth Griffin

Jason Michael Foxworthy

Mentor, Ohio

Hello, my name is Jason Michael Foxworthy and I am primarily Irish, Italian, Bohemian, and Cherokee. In June of 2002 I moved from Mentor, Ohio, a small city east of Cleveland to Hilo, Hawaiʻi. I will graduate from UH Hilo with a B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy in spring 2006 and plan to return to school in 2007 to pursue a M.A. My interest in literature began with the numerous hero narratives of classical Greek mythology. My dream is to write fiction novels. I count myself very fortunate with this opportunity to edit creative writing of the Pacific.

Lori Beth Griffin

Paddock Lake, Wisconsin

I'm from a place of cows and corn which greatly influenced the person I am today. I love the ocean and most of the creatures in it and I also foster an affinity for music and all things that can be considered "Art." My idols include Douglas Adams, Rachael Carson, Idina Menzel, the crew of Monty Python, Vincent Van Gogh, and Jane Austen. Upon graduating in spring 2006, I plan to be married in August and join the Peace Corps. Since working with Seri and Jason on this project, I have become greatly interested in editing as a profession and will always look back on this project as a positive learning experience in creativity, patience, and professionalism.

Statement from the Student Editors

Since both of us are outsiders to Local/Native Hawaiian culture, we are fortunate to have a chance to explore Hawaiʻi's multiculturalism in literature. This collection of poems and short stories offers an introspective view of writers of Pacific origins: these insights transcend the typical tourist stereotypes of local culture and delve beyond the limited and limiting involvement with Pacific Islanders, which occurs in department stores, beachfront resorts, and other tourist hot spots. This anthology is indicative of an inclusive step by writers in the Pacific because it provides a chance for artistic minds of various backgrounds to come together and have a common voice. Making Waves also serves to bridge the gap between students from Hawaiʻi and Fiji. Up until now, they have not had the fortuity of working with fellow islanders outside of their predetermined geographical/national/cultural spheres.


We have enjoyed working with these talented students and their compositions during fall of 2005 and spring of 2006. After investing many afternoons of hard work, in the company of Seri and each other, we are pleased with the fruits of this collaborative anthology. Through her guidance and help, we emerged with a renewed interest in creative writing and hope to undertake similar projects in the future.

As manuscript editors, it was our job to edit the Fiji submissions. Our responsibility was to offer formal critiques by making suggestions to the students with regard to composition, coherency, and fluidity; we also checked for basic grammatical mistakes and spelling errors while keeping the content of these creative writings true to the students' intentions. We also helped Seri by making a final check of the layouts for typographical errors. Watching this anthology take shape during the process of editing has rewarded everyone involved. On a personal level, we are thankful to have been able to provide constructive critiques to the students, because in the end it is for them that we gave this endeavor our very best.

Excerpt from Making Waves

His Highness

by Jason Michael Foxworthy

Upon a noontime hour, below the Sun
a fluttering dove dodges feral teeth.
The ripe, overpowering scent of banyan
with plethora of roots in earthen sheath—
A lush, He seeks her sweet consent to roar,
though cardinal sin to think or even say,
does not prevent advances from this lame bore.
The Lion's pride, subjects her for His cause;
Blinded, justice slips beneath the cracks,
unpunished thieving selfish dirty claws.
To Him, a gentle touch. To her, attacks.
Self proclaimed, the Jungle King summons miasma;
deaf, he stammers on, in self-inflicted stigma—

"A mad, blind, despised and dying king…"

Twinkle, Twinkle

by Lori Beth Griffin

O little twinkling star, can it be you?
We know what it is that rising stars do.
They twinkle and sparkle, burn through the night,
then spit and sputter and snuff out the light.

Little rising stars who are self-proclaimed,
stunt their own assent—blame others when maimed.
They fall to the earth in blazing glory,
'tis short lived, and the aftermath, gory.

O little star with your long trailing tail,
did you always know your orbit would fail?
Was it ever in the back of your mind
that looking, in you, a fraud they would find?

Rising stars who are a flash in the pan
never contribute to the good of man.