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Avery Allan Berido

Hilo, Hawaiʻi

Avery Allan Berido and Chewie

Avery is an Art major currently attending the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, where he serves on the staff of the student newspaper, Ke Kalahea, as their graphic artist. Avery is Hilo-born of Filipino descent and a graduate of Waiākea High School (which is just across the street from UHH). His constant companion is Chewie, a dog who happened to jump into his van one day.

Avery finds inspiration from Counter Culture, graffiti, and sequential art. His idols include: Joe Madureira, Vaughn Bode, Jamie Hewlett, and Masamune Shirow. As one can see by this list, Avery's passion lies in comics. He is also an avid fan of tattoos.

Excerpt from Making Waves

Ad Girl

Ad Girl, by Avery Allan Berido
Ad Girl, by Avery Allan Berido