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Making Waves: an Anthology of TransPacific Writing

Photos of contributing writers and artists

E komo mai (Welcome)

It all began with a desire to make a difference on the campus of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UH Hilo). In 2004, two students by the name of Achena Finik and Kathreen Roby started "talking up" in class about the lack of Micronesian writers in Pacific literary anthologies. That got a certain professor in English—Seri Luangphinith —thinking and plotting and scheming. Before long, she took up a plan with Mona Livsey, the director of the Student Activities Council. Together, they approached the Hawaiʻi CC/UH Hilo Board of Student Publications for a major grant to fund an anthology of creative writing, an anthology that would also feature aspiring writers from another Pacific institution, the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji.

This project entailed a series of 9 polycom video-links between UH Hilo's ENG 399 and USP's LL 331. These classes then independently pursued creative endeavors. The students of 399 undertook the study of different poetic forms and techniques from all parts of the world (including Asia and the Pacific) then went off to try their own hand at rhythms and metaphors and verse; they also had a blast working with professional writers from Hawaiʻi and Micronesia. LL 331's students undertook mentorships with the renowned artists of the Oceania Centre for Arts and Culture [PDF]; the interviews that took place became the basis for impressive poetry and short-story writing.

All of this writing has found its way into this book, which will stand as a lasting testament to the power of trans-Pacific interaction. For this reason, the publishing venue, Ka Noio ‘A‘e ‘Ale, was named in reference to a famous Hawaiian proverb: "He noio ‘a‘e ‘ale no ke kai loa; a noio that treads over the billows of the distant sea." Just as the ancient navigators charted their way between the small islands out in the vast Pacific (by following birds like the noio), so too have the writers of this book ventured into uncharted territory to arrive at the first joint effort between two Pacific institutions. And the voyage doesn’t stop there. Seri and Mona are already stirring up the waters again for a new anthology that will feature primarily Hawaiʻi writers and images/themes from the Big Island…

Excerpts from the Book

Making Waves cover art


Selected contributions are available as preview samples and are marked as: [Sample]

Avery Allan Berido (UH Hilo)

  • Making Waves (Original Sketch for Cover)
  • Ad Girl [Sample]
  • Repose
  • Study of a Foot
  • The Bar
  • Plus Size Model
  • Still Life I
  • Still Life II
  • Figure Drawing I

Jan Bodo-Lessman (USP)

Engelbert Danis (UH Hilo)

  • Love Stick [Sample]
  • Life without Love
  • Pointless
  • No Storm
  • My Island
  • Chuuk
  • 1,2,3,4, I Got Ya
  • Confusion
  • A.S.H.
  • Coconut Trees

Rhonda Emwalu (UH Hilo)

Achena Narlyn Finik (UH Hilo)

Jason Michael Foxworthy & Lori Beth Griffin (UH Hilo)

Raenette ‘Ānela Fujikawa-Marino (UH Hilo)

  • Growing Up in Hawaiʻi
  • The Pigeon at Ka Lae
  • Renee
  • The Po‘ouli
  • Grandmothers
  • Ka‘ahumanu
  • Waioleka
  • Mamo Street Shadow
  • Letter from Home
  • Hina [Sample]

Priscilla Priyanka Govind (USP)

  • First Love
  • Summer Crush
  • You and Me
  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • The Message [Sample]
  • Old and Sweet
  • Untitled I
  • Untitled II

Jeffrey J. Jacklick (UH Hilo)

Jeanne L. Kroenke (UH Hilo)

Mona K. Livsey (UH Hilo)

  • Rain I
  • The Storm
  • Rain II
  • Fire & Ice [Sample]
  • Waves
  • Reflections
  • Brother Noland
  • Pakalana
  • Dragon Fantasy
  • Paths of a Mother's Love
  • Vows of the Heart
  • Ocean's Home
  • Masquerade

Seri I. Luangphinith (UH Hilo)

Amelia Narawa (USP)

  • The New Church
  • Who am I?
  • An Alien God
  • Pieces of Nothing
  • Beginnings
  • Sylvia's Anguish
  • Animal Passion
  • Nine to Five
  • Things
  • The New
  • Change
  • The Tavola Eaters [Sample]

Toxie Polyn-Angikimama‘o (USP)

Mohit Prasad (USP)

  • Tunnel Vision: Fiji Islands Brochure
  • From Jahajin in Kipling's Song
    • I: At the Docks
    • III: What Lies Ahead
    • V: Quarantine and Kerosene
    • XXXII: The Sea and the Ship
  • The Actor in Him
  • Wedding Bus Ride
  • When Three Met
  • Waiting
  • Making Water [Sample]

Lori Reuney (UH Hilo)

  • Chuukese Culture
  • Nina Saok, Nga Lungse Kom
  • About a Boy I Always See
  • Tokia (Stick Dance) [Sample]
  • Stinky and Whiffy
  • Coconut, the Chuukese Hope
  • Memorial
  • Beached
  • Noo Ngau
  • Namoluk Beyond the Reef
  • The Grouchy Bitch

Bobby H. K. Richards (UH Hilo)

Kathreen Roby (UH Hilo)

  • My Better Half
  • Drowning
  • Go With the Flow
  • Who am I?
  • Lost Child
  • Fashion Warehouse
  • Culture Shock
  • Intoxication
  • Memories of Fefan [Sample]
  • Sinser

Brandy-Alia Serikaku (UH Hilo)

  • Miracle's Sunrise
  • Waiuli
  • On Shore

Mepa Taufa-Vuni (USP)

Laura Mika Tsunehiro (UH Hilo)

  • The Spicy Captain
  • Waning Innocence
  • Corresponding Conscience
  • Painting Roses Red
  • S'More
  • Liquid Passion
  • Whose News?
  • Golden Afternoon
  • Breakwall [Sample]

T.J. Ungeni (UH Hilo)

Sheila Yangilmau (UH Hilo)

  • Slipping
  • Origins [Sample]
  • Summer
  • Purging
  • The Plantain
  • Life So Far
  • Stairs
  • Sting Ray
  • Autobahn
  • Kicks
  • Birthday Dedication
  • The First Time
  • Yang