Aeronautical Science

Aeronautical Science

AERS is presently at capacity and will not be accepting new applications in 2021-22 or 2022-23
Admissions updates will be posted to the program website.

Inside view of a pilots cockpit controls

Aviation plays a fundamental role in the lives of nearly everyone in the State of Hawaiʻi. The proposed Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Sciences is an applied degree that will make education more accessible for students interested in applied aviation careers. Aviation produces high quality jobs that will improve the lives of Hawaiʻi’s citizens.

The Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Sciences will be offered provisionally beginning in Fall 2019 pending completion of WSCUC accreditation. The degree will offer students two different pathways into commercial aviation, a Commercial Professional Pilot Training concentration and a Commercial Aerial Information Technology concentration. Both concentrations share a common core of commercial aviation courses for the first 3 years, coupled with a final year of specialization.

The concentration in Commercial Professional Pilot Training (CPPT) provides a simple, direct pathway to earn all the FAA licenses and certificates required to pursue a commercial Airline Transport Pilot license and begin a career as a commercial airline pilot. The CPPT concentration is structured as 3 years of university classroom and flight simulator learning, coupled with a final year at a 6-8 month flight school program.

The concentration in Commercial Aerial Information Technology (CAIT) will provide the training and background to attain current FAA licensing for the commercial UAS operations of small drones, as well as preparation for future full integration of large UAS operations into commercial airspace. The CAIT concentration is designed to be coupled with a focus in Data Science, Geography, a STEM field or Computer Science using available electives.

All students must meet the FAA - Pilot Eligibility Requirements to participate in this program.

The UH Hilo Aeronautical Sciences B.S. Degree received full WASC approval on July 27, 2020.

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