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Curriculum Central is an online system for curriculum review: faculty complete proposals for new courses, modification of existing courses, and requests for program modification that result from these course changes. As specified by the Curriculum Review Process established in August 2009 , curriculum committees and administrators review and approve (or not) these proposals. The proposals are stored online, together with attachments and reviewer/approver comments, and all participants in the process can track the progress of a proposal.

View a summary of the UH Hilo curriculum review process as it functions with Curriculum Central.

Use Curriculum Central for These Curriculum Proposals:

  • New courses
  • Modifications of existing courses
  • Modifications of existing programs at all levels
  • Individual students' proposals for Liberal Studies major equivalent (CAS Assoc Dean only)
  • ATP proposals
  • Proposals for new undergraduate and graduate programs that have completed the ATP process along with new courses associated with those new programs

See the curriculum review flowchart of sequences and criteria. (April 2015)

Proposals for –94 (special topics) and –97/–98 (experimental courses) are not submitted via Curriculum Central but via a paper form available from the Registrar; submission deadlines for Fall, Spring, and Summer courses of these kinds are in the schedule below.Requests to de-activate a course (temporarily remove from the catalog), re-activate one, or "archive" (remove permanently) are also submitted in a paper form available from the Registrar.

The Campus Curriculum Review Committee has specific expectations and duties.

Assistance and Trouble-Shooting

For individual assistance/answers about proposals or technical issues contact the Curriculum and Catalog Coordinator, Shelby Wong, shelbyw[at]

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(Curriculum Central is closed from 9-10 pm daily for maintenance, including back-ups.)

How to Use Curriculum Central

The next webpage provides the current course and program questions, model proposals, and instructions for creating, editing, revising, and approving proposals.

Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Curriculum Review Campus Deadlines

Submit proposals for new courses and course modifications, for ATPs, and for modified and new programs via Curriculum Central. Regular courses and programs and modifications to these that are approved during the Fall-Spring review will first appear in the 2016-2017 catalog.

View these deadlines as a PDF

May 1 Curriculum Central Priority Deadline
July- August Review of Priority Proposals by Curriculum Coordinator and Registrar.

Aug -Oct 1

Training of faculty and curriculum committees on Curriculum Central. Faculty and department chairs enter proposals, submit to Curriculum Coordinator



Oct 15

Curriculum Coordinator and Registrar completes review; revisions by proposers must be completed by Oct 14; all proposals sent to college CRCs/senates

Nov. 15

College curriculum review committees/senates complete review; proposals sent to deans.


Nov. 30

College deans complete review; proposals sent to Campus CRC (undergrad) or Grad Council



Dec 15

Grad Council completes review

Feb 1

Campus CRC completes review, sends course proposals, program mod proposals to VCAA

Submits new program proposals, ATPs to Congress

Feb 15

VCAA completes review, submits approved course/program mod proposals to Registrar

Returns non-approved proposals to proposers

Mar  1

Congress sends recommendations re new program proposals/ATPs  to VCAA

Mar 15

VCAA acts as appropriate on new program proposals

Proposals for special topics (-94) and experimental (-97, -98) courses have different due dates from proposals for regular courses and are not submitted via Curriculum Central but via a paper form available from the Registrar.

Sept 30 Proposals for -94 (special topics) and -98 (experimental) courses for Spring 2016 due to Registrar.
Dec 1 Proposals for -94 (special topics) and -98 (experimental) courses for Summer 2016 due to Registrar.
Mar 1 Proposals for -94 (special topics) and -98 (experimental) courses for Fall 2016 due to Registrar.