CSAV Instructors

CSAV Staff

The CSAV International Training Course is coordinated by staff from the University of Hawaiʻi. The staff also assists with teaching, particularly public outreach, and in the case of Director Don Thomas, introductory geology of Hawaiʻi and gas geochemistry.

Don Thomas, CSAV Director
Don Thomas, CSAV Director
Meghann Decker
Meghann Decker
David Carvalho
David Carvalho
Darcy Bevens
Darcy Bevens

Meet the Instructors

Most of the instructors are from the US Geological Survey Volcano Observatories (Hawaiʻi, Alaska, Cascades, and California), and many of these work with the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (VDAP). A handful of the instructors are from the University of Hawaii. Each year, the group varies, depending on who is available to teach. Of course, there are many more workers at these volcano observatories and at the University of Hawaii who contribute, but our main group is pictured below, with a description of the subjects they teach.

IngridIngrid Johanson, HVO, Deformation Monitoring

MaurizioMaurizio Battaglia, CalVO, Deformation Modeling

LoganLogan Fusso, HVO, Deformation Monitoring

EmilyEmily Montgomery-Brown, CVO, Deformation Monitoring

TriciaTricia Nadeau, HVO, Gas Geochemistry

ChristineChristine Sealing, HVO, Gas Geochemistry

MikeMike Cappos, HVO Volunteer, Gas Geochemistry

AllenAllen Lerner, CVO, Gas Geochemistry

StephanieStephanie Prejean, AVO, Seismology

JeremyJeremy Pesieck, CVO, Seismology

JayJay Wellick, CVO, Seismology

ChrisChris Harpel, CVO, Stratigraphy

MattMatt Patrick, HVO, Web Cams

ScottScott Rowland, UH Manoa, Remote Sensing

LizLiz Westby, CVO, Public Outreach

KenKen Hupp, News Reporter, Mock Interviews

JulieJulie Griswold, CVO, LaharZ

SarahSarah Ogburn, CVO, LaharZ

RowdyRowdy LaFevers, CVO, Power Supplies

AaronAaron Rinehart, CVO, Power Supplies

HeatherHeather Wright, Physical Volcanology

NicoleNicole Lautze, UH Manoa, Physical Volcanology

MikeMike Zoeller, HVO, Hazards Mapping

AngieAngie Diefenbach, CVO, Remote Sensing

KendraKendra Lynn, HVO, Tephra Analysis

LisLis Gallant, UH Hilo, Physical Volcanology