Lanikai, Oahu, is one of the most beautiful places to visit, with a spectacular view of the Mokulua Islands.

Twin Islands are part of a dike complex, as are the hills behind Lanikai, and Olomana mountain. When the Koʻolau volcano eroded, much of the resistant dike rock was left behind.

Mokulua IslandsView of the Mokulua Islands.

LanikaiView of Lanikai from the Mokulua Islands. Note Olomana in the distance, and the edge of the Koolaus capped with clouds.

Twin IslandsBeach on the larger Mokulua Island features white sand, black basalt rocks, and elevated coral reef from a higher stand of the sea.

Dikes on Mokulua islandsMokulua Islands exist because they are riddled with dikes. The softer adjacent material eroded away, leaving the linear dike features exposed.