Field Work

Because I am familiar with many field locations on the Big Island, I often accompany University of Hawaiʻi groups as a guide. For example, in the summer of 2008, I helped scientists deploy a seismograph near the Waikupanaha ocean entry. A portion of the seismogram is seen below. Note the periodic nature of the explosions.


July 2009. With CSAV International scientists studying lava near Royal Gardens

Darcy and crewChristian Garita of Costa Rica, Darcy Bevens of Hawaii, and Milton Ordonez of Colombia pose in front of a lava flow.

October 2010. UH Hilo Geology classes

Professor Lundblad and students20 October 2010: Professor Lundblad and an introductory Geology class examine lava flows near Kalapana.

John sets wires of thermocouple21 October 2010: A Geology student from UH Hilo quickly moves away from molten lava after setting up thermocouple wires to test the rate of cooling.

Working Around Molten Lava

Manoa researcher Tomo20 November 2010: A UH Manoa researcher documents the eruption.

Mike collects a lava sampleA lava sample is quickly carried to a can filled with water, where it will be quenched; the resulting glass can then be analyzed in the lab to determine precise composition