COVID-19 Information

About LumiSight UH

What is LumiSight UH?

LumiSight UH is a self-screening platform that supports the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the UH Community. It was developed by Data House Consulting, a local Hawaiʻi company dedicated to supporting our communities through innovative technology solutions.

LumiSight UH Checklist

Download the LumiSight UH app.
Turn on notification and location settings.
Answer the setup questions in the app.
Check in everyday.

How does LumiSight UH work?

Students, faculty, staff, and visitors log in to a web or mobile application and perform a quick check-in. They immediately receive guidance on whether they can enter campus or stay home that day. Individuals in the Modified Quarantine (MQ) Program also check in their location each day during their quarantine period.

How do I access LumiSight UH?

Download the LumiSight UH mobile app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices). Allow the app to send you notifications and access your location. With notifications and location settings turned on, you’ll receive daily notifications to remind you to check in. If you don’t check in after receiving a daily notification, you’ll receive another notification whenever you enter campus.

How do I check in?

Follow the steps in this quick start guide to set up your account and perform your first check-in. You need to check in every day before you enter campus.

Weekly COVID testing

UH Hilo is providing free COVID-19 PCR testing on campus for students only please check your school email for updates on times and locations. No sign-up or registration is necessary, a valid picture ID is required, and an insurance card is requested but not required.

In addition, UH Hilo students may make an appointment for COVID-19 PCR testing through Clinical Laboratories of Hawaiʻi for a cost free PCR test. You must use this link in a Google Chrome browser. After creating your appointment make sure to print out the screen and bring the filled out form and a government issued photo ID to your appointment.

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