UH Hilo COVID-19 Guidelines

V. Scheduling of Classes

These guidelines are interim only and are subject to revision, until we can complete consultation with the unions.

UH Hilo shall follow the Guidance for Campuses on Scheduling Fall 2023 Courses issued by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Planning and Policy.

  • Students shall have as much opportunity as is practicable to learn in person with other students and faculty.

  • Classes shall be scheduled online, in-person, or with a hybrid mix of the two. For a technical description of the formats campuses will use to schedule classes, please see the Course Format for Fall 2023. Each campus will inform students about changes to the format or schedule of courses for which they have registered and ensure this information is available to students making decisions about their schedules.

  • Decisions about which classes will be scheduled with an in-person format will be made and will take into consideration factors such as quality of instruction, accreditation or licensure requirements, specialized resource needs, and the needs of particular student populations.

  • UH Hilo shall be responsible for ensuring that classes and class activities (e.g., exams, office hours, etc.) are accessible to students, and that students can achieve the same learning objectives regardless of the class format.

  • In-person classes will meet in facilities that meet the guidelines for Facilities and Spaces (Section IV). Select instruction may also take place outside when appropriate.

  • Instructors will ensure students receive appropriate preparation and guidance regarding health and safety protocols for activities such as team projects, field trips, internships or clinical placements.